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Hope For New Haven/CERCLE have partnered with New Haven to make grant funds available to the early care and education (ECE) industry.  Through a City initiative called the Early Childhood Recovery and Innovation Project, $1.6 million of ARPA funding have been made available over the next three years to strengthen the ECE workforce in New Haven.

During the initial round of funding, beginning October 2023, a total of 14 projects were awarded.  Grantees were a mix of licensed ECE providers (center-based, group and family homes) as well as businesses specializing in workforce training and development for ECE professionals.  Their projects varied in nature and scope, but emphasized career advancement in ECE through continuing education, professional development, acquisition of new skills and improving existing practices.  Funds were awarded for:


  • Recruiting and training new ECE teachers

  • Courses to obtain the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential

  • Support services for individuals enrolled in CDA cohorts, aimed at helping students stay on target with program requirements and enabling successful  completion

  • Professional development training and certification covering CPR, first aid, medication administration and diabetes monitoring

  • A fellowship program, combining ESL instruction, financial and digital literacy workshops, and job readiness classes, to support Arabic, Spanish, Farsi, Swahili and French speakers pursuing a new career in ECE

  • Foundational courses in ECE

  • A development program designed to train educators to become head teachers and enhance knowledge and skills

  • Classes to support staff acquiring knowledge, skills and abilities in Applied Behavior Analysis tactics and techniques

  • Sign language instruction

  • Equipment and software to enhance staff communication with parents and facilitate parent-teacher conferences

  • Design and build an online platform for a new onboarding and training information system for staff

Funding Impact by Neighborhood

Grant year #1 saw eight of 20 neighborhoods in the City receive awards.  


As we look to continue and expand upon the current year’s successes, stay tuned for details on grant year #2.

For more information about the Workforce Development for Early Childhood Education Grant, contact Colleen D. Hitchman at

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