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CERCLE Strong advocates for the transformation of Connecticut’s early childhood education industry. Using tools, training, and resources, CERCLE mobilizes our members, families, and educators to use their position as key stakeholders to combat structural inequities in education.

In response to the rising crisis in early education funding, CERCLE’s Co-Founder, Georgia Goldburn, called for a day without childcare. Her leadership sparked the nationally recognized Morning Without Childcare day of action in March 2022.


Georgia Goldburn, Co-founder of CERCLE

A Morning Without Childcare Rally, New Haven, CT, 2023


Dismantling systems of racism that create barriers for BIPOC to be agents of change and the source of transformation within their communities


Work with community stakeholders to build an equitable system for all of CT’s children


Center the voices of BIPOC in conversations and policies aimed at their communities

Legislative Priorities:

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