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Our Early Childhood Education Level I Teacher Apprentice Program is a dynamic workforce development initiative aligned to the OEC Core Knowledge and Competencies, NAEYC Power to the Profession and CDA standards. CERCLE collaborates closely with our local partners to identify individuals from the community with a passion for teaching young children and who are interested in pursuing careers as early childhood educators. Throughout the year, CERCLE conducts training for multiple cohorts of apprentices who work and learn in partnership with their peer instructors.

ECE Workforce Pilot Program Launch, New Haven, CT 2022


  • We are one of the Office of Early Childhood’s Workforce Pilot vendors
  • We build connections with early childhood education programs guaranteeing full-time employment placement opportunities 

In Action


  • ​​37 apprentices trained

  • Delivered 32K hours of paid-training 



  • CERCLE is partnering with New Haven Public School to expand our teacher apprenticeship program, which will allow high school students to graduate with a diploma and Child Development Associate (CDA) credential




This is a photo with two toddlers playing with a puzzle at a table.  You cannot see them, but they're happily playing together.
This is a photo of a toddler taking an apple from his early childhood educator at Motherly Luv Too early learning center.  He's wearing a blue shirt that says Motherly Luv Too.

Direct Instruction Training 

Apprentices receive 2,000-2,500 hours of on-the-job

training at a NAEYC-accredited child care program.

Working alongside their peer mentors and a master teachers, apprentices are trained in the delivery of high-quality care and education to children from newborn to school age.

Specialized Studies & Higher Education Courses 

CERCLE provides access to up to fifteen ECE college credits as well as opportunities to obtain a Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate.

Small Group Professional Development Instruction 

As the name suggests, CERCLE apprentices meet weekly in small learning groups to develop further knowledge of standards and practices while connecting daily classroom practices with regulations and industry recognized standards.

Professional Development Training 

Utilizing access to hundreds of hours of online courses provided by the Office of Early Childhood, CERCLE apprentices obtain and retain certification training in a variety of early childhood content-based topics.

Ready For Work

CERCLE’s apprenticeship program ensures trainees are ready to work on day one. Trainees have created an up-to-date profile in the CT Registry, completed their background checks and fingerprinting, have completed Mandated  Reporter training, received certification in First Aid and CPR, Administration of Medication, EpiPen, and the 18-hour Care 4 Kids Health and Safety training courses.


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